Strong Beginnings Online

A gathering space for therapists and entrepreneurs in peadiatrics and women's health.

Are you inspired to think outside the insurance-medical model in how you work with your clients? 
Do you see cash-based therapy as a potential offering in your community?
Would you like more direction (and maybe a little bit of handholding) when it comes to all things business? 
Are you exploding with ideas and you're overwhelmed with how to keep track of everything? 
Could you benefit from a bigger platform (and more tech guidance) to spread your message and grow your brand? 

If your heart is shouting YES in response to any of these questions, you're in the right spot...

The question is, are you ready to take finally that leap of faith and chase your dreams? Because I'm warning you now, this also means investing in yourself - and this work isn't easy! 

Imagine a space...

  • Where you're encouraged to integrate parts of your healing journey with your professional practice

  • That is filled with empathetic, wildly-supportive and passionate women who GET YOU

  • Where we celebrate your wins and share in your defeating moments 

  • That comes a cheerleading squad for your professional growth and personal development

  • Where everyone shared their resources and you had a lighter load to carry 

Until now, a community like this simply hasn’t existed.


But that's about to change. 


Welcome to the Strong Beginnings Online Community


Through a combination of our Kajabi platform and a private Facebook group, we've created a gathering space for cash-based therapists in paediatrics and women's health where together, we're growing and evolving from the inside-out.

With a focus on therapeutic use of self, professional growth and business development, our community members have unlimited access to our library of masterclasses, training resources, guest interviews and group learning opportunities.


All for one monthly subscription fee! 



What do you get as a member of the Strong Beginnings community?


We know what it's like to be passionate about learning - it's both time-consuming and pricey! Which is why our team is committed to providing quality information in an online space that is both affordable and accessible. Our members have unlimited access to our webinars, masterclasses, online courses and special guest interviews. Learn on your own schedule and at your own pace!


Online learning isn't without it's challenges. There are many distractions and it's easy to veer off track and chase the next shiny object. Trust us, we understand! Which is why our community is so focused on supporting our members to build more structure within the chaos. We'll work with you  - while also encouraging realistic goal-setting and accountability. 


Growing a practice and starting a business is lonely and often overwhelming. And we know that it can sometimes be hard to find like-minded practitioner and kindred spirits that live nearby. Which is why we're so committed to including more Coffee Dates, special guest interviews and inspirational stories in our community content.


Additional Community Features

  • The combined expertise of our community managers, with a collective of 30+ years’ experience in women’s health and business.
  • Access to every single training course, webinar and masterclass in the Strong Beginnings library of resources which helps to meet you where you currently are and give you strategies to take the next step forward.
  • Access to our monthly office hours, where Melissa will host Zoom calls each month to answer questions and help guide our members in their work. Hellooooo clarity, goodbye overwhelm!
  • VIP Member-Only Coffee Dates with special guest experts that will inspire you to think big!
  • Access to our members-only private Facebook group, a close-knit community of generous, like-minded women’s health practitioners who love to lift each other up!

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world.

For, indeed, that's all who ever have.

- Margaret Mead

"Melissa's Strong Beginnings community has been the catalyst for my work in women's health. I came to the community with a dream. With the support and information I gained through working with Melissa and being part of her community I felt confident and empowered to start working in maternal health. Melissa's ability to cultivate an engaging and supportive community not only helps individuals in their goals but lifts the profile of women's health and those seeking to make a difference in this vitally important area."

Sarah Rheinberger
Women's Health OT + Entrepreneur (Perth, Australia)

"I wanted to thank you so much for this class. It has already exceeded my expectations by far. Thank you for sharing your story, it helps boost my my confidence as to whether I have the skill set now to get started on a perinatal business. When I signed up, I saw this as something I may do years in the future. However, your story and the practical skills from your classes gave me a boost and confidence that I DO have the capacity to get started. So...Thank you! My "lofty ideas" are seeming more and more like a very real possibility!!”"

Lara Desrosiers
Women's Health OT + Entrepreneur (Ontario, Canada)


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